House rules of the Camp

Dear guests, for your peace of mind and the most pleasant holiday in Camp Marin please among other, respect the following rules. In particular, we point to the number 7, 8 and 17 Non-compliance with the rules, camp management can immediately cancel your stay.


This house rules guests receive at check-in and it is assumed that the guests are fully familiar with the house rules and that they agree with them. in camp may enter only guests staying there. All others must apply for a permit at the reception. Camp management reserves the right not to allow entrance of guests who disturb the peace and pleasant stay other guests. The same goes for people who do not comply with the provisions on the respect of other guests, general morals and decent behavior. A person who owns the account is considered to be responsible for all acts which made it or the person in her company.

2. Application:

There is an obligation issued municipality Pakostane. We recommend that you log in to the price list all the services that you use. Valid membership cards for camping where you can enjoy special discounts, must be shown upon arrival. Later shown membership card can not be granted.

3. Reservation check

New guests can sign up from 12 to 18 hours, unless it was agreed later or earlier arrival time. In all other cases, reservation collapses. No refund guarantee amount.

4. Payment method:

We accept only cash in kuna (Kn) or Eure (€). Payment by credit card or by using the PIN is currently not yet possible.

5. Responsibility:

Owner and / or management is not in any way responsible for: Any loss, damage or theft on property owned by our guests; Guests are responsible for their property and health insurance during their stay in camp Marin. Recommended travel insurance. The owners / management are not responsible for damage resulting bad weather.  

6. Election of the plot:

Reception decide on the choice of the plot. Wishes and any changes must be communicated to the reception. You go to the site after confirmation of reception. Editing The plot and setting your tent permitted is from 8:00 to 22:00 hours.

On the plot is not allowed to dig, hedge it or make other permanent changes. After your departure, pitches must look like upon arrival. Camp management reserves the right to intervene and displace.

7. Night and midday rest:

Night rest from 23:00 to 7:00 am and daily rest from 13:00 to 16:00pm.

8. Boats, trailers for boats and cars:

It is prohibited to boats anchor or moor it on the beach. Boats must moor to a buoy from the Camp Marin. At the reception will show you a where. Boat trailers and cars may not be held in the camp than elsewhere where the reception is determined by.

9. Insurance and liability:

Camp Management in no way responsible for the theft, accident or other damage that would be caused by bad weather, fire or force majeure. Management is not liable for injuries which guests may receive in our camp.

10. Payment:

If you have booked a place in the camp or apartment, to be paid upon arrival for the entire reserved period. Guests who arrive without a reservation must pay 24 hours before departure. Guarantee amount and bookingfees will not be payd back after cancellation

11. Check-out before 11:00 am:

Please, before you leave your place in the camp, clean and throw garbage in containers up by the entrance of the camp so that there will not be dirt and stench.

12. Recycling:

Plastic, glass bottles , jars , cans of beer and lemonade you can sort in our office. You can submit them in supermarkets Lidl or Plodine in Biograd. You'll get there a small fee refund.

13. Chemical toilet:

Water for your chemical toilet can use and waste water that you can rinse it in a separate toilet on the other side of the office. 

- 3 -

14. Toilets and showers:

We use them together and we have to clean them together. Toilets and showers must be at least 1x daily thoroughly cleaned and then expect that you will leave clean sanitary facilities behind. We kindly thank you for your understanding and please use showers 1x per day. Children must always take a shower accompanied by an adult. To make things easier, we set out in front of the offices outside shower. Please use the shower when you return from the beach or for rinsing after swimming. It is strictly forbidden to wash the car, trailer, camper, tent or boat in the water in the camp. You should not be recharged even plastic pools. We greatly appreciate your cooperation .

15. Guests and visitors:

In our camp you can receive visits. You are responsible to your visitors abide by the house rules of carcamp Marin. All visitors or guests must report to reception and pay the fee for visitors € 6 / day plus € 5 for a possible parking his car in the parking lot. No exceptions.

16. Washing and drying clothes:

Washer and dryer are provided. You can use them for € 5 per each machine. Before using You have to pay at the reception. In front of the reception stands a round rack for drying linen.

17. Pets:

Cats and small dogs are allowed. Please before booking, inform the owner / manager of the camp which breed is your pet. Dogs must always be on a leash. Your pet must always makes his needs outside the camp and clean up after him. Guests are always responsible for the behavior of their pets.